how to plot lot bearing in autocad-part 2 (using excel)

Plotting lot bearing in Autocad is sometime daunting typing that long command over and over, it still fine if your lot has 4-5 boundaries. But what if it has too many, say a hundred acres/hectares of land with hundreds of points or boundaries? If that is the case then typing it one by one will take you some time. But wait there is some faster method to input your lot bearing plotting command text and that is by the help of the excel spreadsheet. For me excel is one of the most useful software ever! And now here is the video tutorial I made, enjoy!

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how to plot lot bearing in autocad-part 1 (basic)

Here are the basic steps of plotting your lot bearing in Autocad.

Step 1

Type in the POLYLINE (PL) at the command panel, click anywhere on the draw space. (see figure below)


Step 2

Start plotting the lot:

From point 1-2 type @6000<n88d0’w at the command panel then hit enter.

where in:

6000(millimeters)    = distance

<                             = angle

n                            = north/south orientation

88d                        = degree

0′                           = minute

w                           = west/east orientation

(see figure below)


Step 3

Repeat the command for the remaining points; 2-3, 3-4 & 4-1 until it will close, follow your lot bearing accordingly. (see figure below)

step3Step 4

Close the gap. I recommend  it is better not to use the CLOSE (C) command just to close the gap. (see figure below)

step4See you on Part 2 of this tutorial- How to automate plotting lot bearing using excel.